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When working with customer data, it is crucial to ensure regulatory compliance and security in the Cloud. Unifii partnered with Itoc to assist with architecture and security implementation of the Unifii Digital Experience Platform on AWS, to ensure the environment is not only highly available, but secure. 



2 million+

Platform users

The Unifii Digital Transformation Platform makes it easy to design, build and deploy advanced business software applications with no/low code to any user in any digital channel while integrating with existing IT systems. The Unifii platform reduces costs, increases efficiency and improves engagement without the requirement to build software from scratch and can solve business problems across the entire enterprise. 

The Unifii Digital Experience Platform has just been released for the banking and finance industry, providing exceptional customer experience and engagement, document generation, routing and storage, secure messaging and integration with CRM and core banking in a single system, delivered as a Cloud Service.

Through the engagement with Itoc, Unifi now has: 

  • 24/7 infrastructure support 
  • Security confidence 
  • A repeatable, deployable platform solution for new customers 
  • More time to focus on what they do best - writing software 
  • A service to help maintain the health, integrity, performance and reliability of their online platform

APRA security requirements to support digital banks.

With more than 2 million enterprise users currently on the platform, it is vital that Unifii’s environment is not only highly available, but secure. 

Unifii has significant customers in the banking industry including one of Australia’s emergent NeoBanks, who is radically reimagining banking IT by standing up 100% of their back-end infrastructure in the Cloud. 

Glen Jobson, Unifii CTO, said that there are significant security requirements to ensure the data in the cloud is highly secure. “We needed to take our digital transformation platform to the next level of security to meet APRA requirements as we start to support digital banks in Australia.” (Glen Jobson)

Expertise in the AWS cloud infrastructure design was required with emphasis on the security of the document platform and how it would interact with core banking systems and other secure environments.

Implementing a Well-Architected security framework.

Unifii partnered with Itoc to assist with architecture and security implementation of the Unifii Platform on AWS, so that their team of software engineers could continue to focus on the core of their business – the continual development and improvement of a world-class digital transformation platform as a service. 

“Itoc were the perfect partner with extensive proven experience working with FinTechs, backed by their AWS Financial Services and Security competencies.” (Glen Jobson)

As part of the project, Itoc evaluated the relevant security guidelines and specifications and built the AWS environment and infrastructure to adhere to security compliance frameworks such as the ISO2701, ISO2017, CIS AWS Foundations, CIS top 20, GDPR and ACSC Protect Essential 8. Itoc implemented a well-architected security framework based on next-generation security principles, tooling, and operating procedures.

“Through a managed services partnership with Itoc, the ongoing maintenance of the platform is enhanced and we can continue to focus on best practice security hardening to safeguard each component of the platform.” (Glen Jobson)

Ensuring compliance and standards over time.

“Our promise to customers is that their data is encrypted and safe on our document platform and at every stage of the document generation process.” (Glen Jobson). 

The security framework implemented by Itoc combined with the work practices, infrastructure and controls in place at Unifii, ensures that the platform adheres to APRA and ISO 27001 security principles. 

“Security is not just about today - it is an ongoing initiative. Itoc’s managed services helps us to maintain the health and integrity of our platform every day, while ensuring compliance with regulations and standards over time.” (Glen Jobson)

"Itoc is a customer-focused cloud services specialist upon whom I can rely to provide mission-critical support, advice on international best practice and help with solving architectural challenges. They also provide a day-by-day level of comfort because I know with certainty that my AWS infrastructure is being looked after by pros."

Stu Cameron

Founder and CEO at Unifii

Ensure your AWS environment is secure and compliant.