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Building and managing cloud solutions that are scalable, secure, flexible, disruptive, cost effective, automated for serious digital businesses.


Solving your challenges with leading tech and next-level thinking.

Work with the customer obsessed Itoc team, the reason for all these awards.

Customer Obsession Parter of the Year 2015 (ANZ)

Global Customer Obsession Leadership Partner

Founder of the Brisbane AWS User Group

Verified AWS Cloud Ambassador on our team

Our talented team are here to solve your business challenges throughout your cloud journey.

We're not just another technology company. The proof is in the way we work and the outcomes our customers achieve.

Challenge accepted

What are your business challenges?

Partner with Itoc and together we’ll embrace next generation thinking and technology to help you tackle these challenges head on, and set up your business to thrive in the cloud.

Doing Cloud Right 01

Successful cloud adoption relies heavily on getting the foundation right. We make sure your AWS cloud environment is secure, scalable and ready to build what’s next, even if you’re not sure what that is yet. We simplify and accelerate your migration to the Cloud.

Helping our customers get cloud right

Making your App Hum 02

Helping you define and redefine how software should be architected, built and deployed on cloud to meet the market at pace. Automation is the key to agility and security. Our DevOps approach utilises the latest automation tools and techniques in AWS.

Helping our customers make their apps hum

Data Driven Insights 03

Working closely with your business to liberate your data and apply analytics and machine learning to uncover new opportunities, power critical decisions & understand your customers better. With our data services we help you unlock your data and enable business innovation. 

Helping our customers with data driven insights

Managed Cloud 04

Our dedicated team of expert cloud engineers extends your team to take care of your entire cloud infrastructure operations freeing your team up to discover what's next. Our Managed Services is not just about keeping the lights on, with ongoing cloudy design and architecture reviews, we'll uncover opportunities to drive innovation and business improvements. 

Helping our customers manage their environment

Digital Innovation 05

Creating a culture where assumptions are challenged, emerging tech is explored and disruption is embraced. Once your apps are operating in the Cloud, we can work with you to drive real innovation, by utilising AWS modern services to develop new products, rethink business models and reach customers in new ways.   

Helping our customers drive real innovation

Partnering with Itoc for the long-term cloud journey.

Itoc operates as an extension of 2CRisk's team to ensure the security and maintenance of the environment so that the 2CRisk team can focus on development and customer experience.


Cost saving of internal resource



Everyday people doing extraordinary things.

At Itoc we do things differently. We are bold and act only in the best interest of our customers. Our Cloud Heroes are a bunch of super smart, pragmatic people who inspire and play as a team to solve the most complex problems for customers, all while remaining grounded. We keep our customers one step ahead.

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