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What is a Well-Architected Framework Review?


During a Well-Architected Framework Review, one of our certified consultants reviews your AWS workload against the six Well-Architected pillars.  


The Six Well-Architected Pillars

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Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence pillar provides guidance around running and monitoring systems and the importance of how to consistently enhance your processes and procedures to deliver higher business value.


The Security pillar gives businesses the understanding on how to protect their information, data, and systems and the importance of data integrity and establishing processes to detect security events.   

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The Reliability pillar allows businesses to understand if workloads are performing intended functions correctly and if they are prepared to recover quickly from failures and adapt to changing requirements. 

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Performance Efficiency

The Performance Efficiency pillar covers the structured and streamlined allocation of IT and computing resources and how businesses can maintain that efficiency as business requirements evolve.   

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Cost Optimisation

The Cost Optimization pillar allow businesses to understand their ability to run systems that deliver business value and avoid unnecessary costs and have the ability to scale without overspending.  

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The Sustainability pillar helps businesses understand the importance of minimising the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads and maximising utilisation while reducing downstream impacts.  

What is in the Well-Architected Framework Review Report?

At Itoc, we do things differently by tailoring the review process specifically to your needs. Our reports focus on business requirements rather than technical jargon - outlining clear, actionable items. Our no-cost review aims to understand the holistic architecture and provide a detailed remediation report identifying high, medium and low-risk items across the six pillars.

How long does it take?

A Well-Architected Framework Review can take between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the specific nature of your workload and your industry segment. Based on the review, our certified consultants compile a report which prioritises and recommends technical or process improvement opportunities. Itoc can also advise on which improvements are able to be funded by AWS.

How it works

You can book an initial consultation online.

Once you’ve booked a time slot, one of our AWS certified solutions architects will discuss your workload needs and assist in scheduling a review session.

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