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My journey from IT into Cloud

I was an on prem IT guy for a MSP many moons ago.  That folded, and I went into business for myself so I could dictate when I was able to be home, as my wife worked FIFO.  Being able to spend time together while she was home was a big priority for me.

Then we decided to have a kid, and my son came along.  I took on the ‘stay at home parent’ role and while I won’t say looking after a kid fulltime is all roses, I loved it, and don’t regret doing it one bit.

Once I decided to rejoin the workforce when my son started school, the problems started. I was applying for roles that were similar to what I was doing before I left the workforce but spent 6 months being faced with rejections or getting ghosted by employers. I even started to apply for roles that I was both over and under qualified for - I still ended up with the same result. 

When any employer saw my resume, they immediately noticed it had a 5 year gap in it.  For IT, unfortunately, that is an eternity.  I started to doubt whether I would even rejoin IT.

A friend of mine pointed me towards the AWS Re/Start program run by Goanna Education.  I spent 3 months learning the foundational tech of cloud computing, which was a walk in the park considering my previous experience.  This helped boost my confidence drastically, reaffirming that I wasn’t out of touch.

Through Goanna, I was introduced to Itoc via a careers day.  A month later I was hired!  I couldn’t believe it.  During the interview process I stuck to my guns about needing flexibility to do the morning and afternoon school run.  Everyone told me that it wasn’t a problem, do your 38hrs, and we don’t care when you do them.

Funnily enough, I didn’t believe it until I was hired and turns out it was true.

This means I can start work at 7am, drop my son at school, pick him up, and still finish by 3.30pm.  It’s fantastic.  I love working from home, as there is no commute, less distractions, I can eat healthier & cheaper from my cupboards, and still see my son, take deliveries, go for a walk to recharge if I need to.  It’s a fairy tale come true as far as I’m concerned.

Now I get to kick goals solving problems for customers every day.  I love the ever-changing nature of the role, as it can’t get stale.  Working at a managed services provider means that customers always have different requirements & requests, with different situations for each customer environment.  There’s no chance of boredom.

Article Written By:

Joe Howe | Cloud Engineer, Itoc Managed Services Team

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