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Itoc Teams Up With Judo Capital to Create the Future of Open Banking.

Written by Richard Steven, Co-CEO | Brisbane.

Posted March 27, 2018

Launch of Australia’s first true challenger bank, purpose-built to provide Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses service they deserve.

Judo Capital is founded on the belief that the financing skills needed by the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) community have been lost to increasingly centralized functions and cookie-cutter lending policies.

Judo’s mission is to put experienced and empowered relationship-focused lenders back in customers premises, going against the industry trend by putting the customer experience first and foremost by ensuring Judo’s team can make credit decisions on the quality of the business, not just the quality of the security.

To do so, Judo looked to Itoc to deliver both the platform and support the services that drive the application production and loan servicing. Judo collaborated with Itoc to deliver the services at the heart of its infrastructure over the course of 2016 and early 2017 to develop an entirely cloud-based ecosystem and continues to work closely with the Judo team to enhance and extend the services.

Graham Dickens, Judo CTO says, “Starting with a blank sheet of paper is a fabulous opportunity but it’s not easy and wanting to do it with current day cloud technologies makes it more difficult again. We had to find like-minded technology partners that wanted to go on a journey with us, to make a difference. The Itoc team got if from day one so, we could focus all our efforts on creating a customer-centric business.”

Itoc is the perfect partner for Judo, having deep expertise in deploying and managing cloud-based solutions for financial services organisations. The Judo platform is cloud native leveraging a range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) services that will underpin Judo’s next generation of disruptive products and services.

Richard Steven, CEO of Itoc, says, “We’ve been delighted to work closely with Judo Capital from the inception of the business, it’s so rare to find teams so focused on innovation and challenging the status quo. I expect the work we’re delivering now will set new standards in the wider financial services industry.”

Judo’s eye is on the future, and the team have built a technology platform that opens up the possibilities of open banking legislation. By viewing everything as a service Judo has liberated itself from the legacy constraints of siloed systems to build a cloud-based API service fabric that can be ‘bolted’ together. Each service contributes to the strength and capability of the whole Judo ecosystem to create truly dynamic customer-focused experiences.

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Richard Steven

Co-CEO | Brisbane

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