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Meeting security obligations for APRA and PCI-DSS.

MogoPlus has developed a cohesive and collaborative partnership with Itoc to ensure ongoing security requirements, and the ability to rapidly deploy their solution anywhere in the world. 


increase in speeds

4-6 weeks

to deploy

MogoPlus is an independent company, operating globally with offices in Australia and the UK. MogoPlus provides Data, Analytics and Research solutions to enable organisations to make more informed decisions in real time. Their patented technology operates seamlessly across all parts of the lending and advisory value chain and all MogoPlus solutions are supported by our brand promise of Security, Privacy and Compliance.

Cloud security in a heavily regulated industry.

At MogoPlus their top priority with their cloud environment is security. With their previous technology they found that there was a lack of understanding of our industry and a disconnect with our strategic business objectives. MogoPlus were considering Amazon Web Services for their vast benefits, but there was no way the Mogo team had the time to stand up an instance in Australia let alone globally. MogoPlus faced additional challenges with meeting the security obligations of industry regulators for APRA and PCI-DSS and needed to work with a partner that had extensive experience and success in this heavily regulated industry. 

Security focused architecture.

"Itoc really understand our business and the challenges we face to develop a highly secure environment for our financial services customers. This is backed by Itoc’s industry expertise and AWS Financial Services and Security competencies." (Marcus Cann) 

Itoc built MogoPlus a new foundation and moved their environment into Amazon Web Services, and implemented stringent security services within AWS. This includes implementing PCI-DSS compliance, a security traceability matrix and golden image template. “We have developed a cohesive and collaborative partnership with Itoc for an ongoing focus on delivering solutions that meet our customers individual security requirements.” (Marcus Cann) 

Itoc worked collaboratively with MogoPlus to understand their business requirements, the industry requirements and application architecture in order to design the right solution. Itoc designed and implemented a security focused best practice foundation architecture including AWS Security services such as AWS Inspector, AWS Guard Duty, AWS Web Application Firewall, AWS Certificate Manager and utilised security hardended Machine Images from CIS. 

Through close collaboration, Itoc gained an intimate understanding of MogoPlus’ Application Architecture and as part of the migration phase was able to refactor a number of the architecture elements to AWS services, introducing Web Application Firewall, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, API Gateway, Lambda and RDS. This in turn significantly improved the security, reliability and cost effectiveness of the solution. Using Infrastructure as code, Itoc also provided MogoPlus with the flexibility to rapidly deploy the solution into new regions as their business expands into new markets.

Ability and flexibility to rapidly deploy into new markets. 

"The speed and agility we now have with a technology partner that really understands MogoPlus and our strategic intent - allows us to make business decisions with confidence." (Marcus Cann) 

The project delivery exceeded expectations and provided MogoPlus with the confidence to move into the UK market sooner than planned. "We were expecting it to take 4-6 months to deploy the solution. Once it was all set up with Itoc it was such a simple exercise that only took 4-6 weeks. We were very impressed." (Marcus Cann)   

Mogoplus have achieved a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership for hosting their solution in AWS compared with their previous hosting provider, as well as significant improvements in security and reliability. "MogoPlus is now achieving triple the speeds, which is really important to our customers." (Marcus Cann). In addition to this, the ability to rapidly deploy their solution anywhere in the world gives MogoPlus the ability and flexibility to enter new markets as their business expands. 

"In AWS and Itoc, we found partners who understand financial services inside out; understand the security, privacy and compliance challenges MogoPlus had; and had solutions we could implement very quickly. We can get back to our core business knowing Itoc has our infrastructure and security in their hands."

Marcus Cann

CIO at MogoPlus

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