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Fast transition to cloud increases drive to global markets.

EzeScan is Outback Imaging’s flagship document and information capture product suite, enabling clients to substantially reduce the cost of deploying automated data capture and information processing.  

Achieved 5 Year Goal

to move to cloud and grow the business

90% of new AP

customers prefer a cloud solution

Itoc Solution

Managed Services

How EzeScan leveraged a partnership with Itoc to help fast track their move to the cloud.

Founded in 2002, by Mike Kirkby, Outback Imaging is a privately held Australian-owned company headquartered in Brisbane which has grown to having offices in Australia, UK and USA, with numerous resellers located globally.

With a focus on developing highly automated information capture and indexing solutions that address both hardcopy and digital requirements of its customers, the company is passionate about developing and supporting innovative software that helps customers take the hard work out of their document and information capture workflows.

Making the move to a SaaS-based offering to keep up with customer appetite

Business challenges that led to the desire for change 

EzeScan developed and delivered on-premises software solutions and started to find their customers were demonstrating an increasing appetite for a SaaS-based offering.

EzeScan were:

  • Seeking a simplified approach for providing their existing customer base with documented reference to their security processes, certifications and standards for their EzeScan product (both on-prem and Cloud offerings) 
  • Exploring possibilities to augment and expand their skill set to best support and manage the transition to AWS.
  • Looking to stay one step ahead of adhering to the endless required compliance certifications.
  • Seeking to scale their already successful business based on customer demands rapidly. 
  • Stay one step ahead. With a strong presence in the US and UK, both markets demanded consistent SaaS-based providers. Making the shift to Cloud/AWS meant they could continue leading the market and staying ahead of their competition.
  • Looking for an experienced managed service partner with best practices on architecting their infrastructure on AWS to enable rapid scalability and fast deployment. Having a partner that could manage the project with continuous compliance around regulatory standards was also a driving factor. 
  • Looking to add the capability to service growing markets throughout multiple regions, including the US and UK.

Why Itoc?

Initial contact was driven by demand from EzeScan's customers, who were eager for EzeScan's solution to be offered as a Cloud offering. This was becoming a growing requirement in how organisations were adopting business tools. As part of this adoption, moving to the cloud, EzeScan identified they wanted to have a partner with thought leadership, ongoing services, and management for onboarding customers - Architectural leaders in SaaS deployment. Itoc was chosen because of the ability to directly help onboard their customers quicker and more efficiently; something other managed services providers lacked.

Before engaging Itoc, EzeScan was entirely on-premise, with both desktop and service based applications. This solution has served the organisation with great success in the past. However, EzeScan were seeking alignment with supported technologies in their environment (cloud) and wanted to provide their customers with the option of high quality and scalable cloud-based offerings in addition to the existing on-prem solution.

EzeScan had internally identified that developing a cloud offering within five years was the right business goal to strengthen future market demands. With providing customers, a world-class solution at the heart of everything they do, this transformation was something Mike Kirkby, EzeScan's Managing Director, was committed to driving.

Their five-year goal would effectively mitigate the risk of on-prem offerings becoming redundant in the market in the future. With the shift to the cloud, EzeScan could also expand its product offerings to continue driving market adoption and delivering the best of breed software. 

Accelerating future growth with Itoc's AWS solutions

The initial Cloud Foundation proposed provided EzeScan with a secure Landing Zone that adheres to major compliance and security controls with integration directly with their current SSO. The Foundation is aligned to AWS’s Well-Architected Framework which spans the Six Pillars of Operational Excellence, Security, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, Cost Optimisation and Sustainability.

Itoc delivered the product via Infrastructure as Code (IaC), meaning the solution was easily redeploy-able across multiple regions and allowed for the creation of multiple operational accounts for various workloads and business units.  This has allowed EzeScan to deploy the solution quickly in Australia, UK and USA regions.

As Itoc delivers the Cloud Foundation as templated IaC, we could offer the solution at a Fixed Price. We chose this method for our customers as it provides a clear set of deliverables and timelines, paired with the fact that fixed-price implementations are inherently less risky for customers.

For customers in heavily regulated industries, Itoc can provide a security traceability matrix to illustrate alignment to each of the controls in certifications such as ISO27000:1, SOC2, PCI-DSS, IRAP and GDPR.

To further support EzeScan, Itoc packaged up the Cloud Foundation with our world-class Managed Services to provide EzeScan access to augment and extend their team with highly qualified cloud engineers. The service has included complete visibility and control of the platform, round the clock support, 365 days a year, the benefit from ongoing cloud design improvements and AWS Well-Architected advice and continuous compliance.

  • EC2
  • Fargate
  • MS Windows Server
  • RDS
  • Route53

Technology Challenges

EzeScan faced a challenge in the decoupling of the Windows-based application into a containerised solution to achieve two core goals:

  1. Lowering of business costs
  2. Ability to independently scale the individual components

Understanding EzeScan's Customers

EzeScan’s primary challenge was to develop a Cloud based solution to meet the growing demands of customers and industry alike. Their customers faced challenges of high costs and a need to reduce the costs, errors and time associated with manual invoice processing. 

Facilitating growth and meeting market demands with a new SaaS offering

Customers have found that using software as a service lowers the real cost of deploying and utilising software applications.

 The benefits of EzeScan’s cloud solution:

  • Lowered the price point for invoice processing
  • Fast invoice input and improved payment times 
  • Improvement in cash flow projections/management
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Available to use 24/7
  • Provided as a managed service reduces customer admin 
  • No customer infrastructure cost

EzeScan Cloud has initially been deployed to offer its customers a SaaS Accounts Payable solution.  90% of new Accounts Payable customers prefer to utilise a Cloud solution.

Itoc worked with EzeScan to:

  • Allow them to migrate their AP Processing Solution to a new SaaS platform to meet current market demands resulting in new revenue stream in Australia and UK
  • Enable faster provision of customer solutions
  • Simplify and improve EzeScan’s global support services
  • Facilitate growth into other markets
  • Improve compliance with standards  eg ISO 27000:1, 27017, PCI-DSS, IRAP and GDPR.

"Both myself and our entire team have found it a pleasure working with Itoc and the working relationship with Itoc has exceeded our expectations. It is important to do your own research and don’t just try to shift to cloud on your own.  Leveraging the expertise of AWS partners, like Itoc has definitely helped us fast track our move to cloud. The partnership between Itoc, AWS and ourselves is based on mutual respect and learnings with all partners working seamlessly together to help us achieve our cloud goals and drive increased uptake of our solutions globally."

Mike Kirkby

Managing Director at EzeScan

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