AWS Managed Services

Whether your organisation is just starting out in cloud or is a mature user we have the solution. Focus your team on delivering great applications and services, and let us look after the infrastructure & security operations, DevOps and cost optimisation, together with on-going cloudy design and architecture advice that you need to keep your business one step ahead in the AWS cloud.
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Evolution to Intelligent

An intelligent managed services platform with Machine Learning at its core enabling decision making, predictive analytics, self-healing and self-tuning.  

Accelerate DevOps

Simplify, standardise and
mature your automated
software delivery, test and
integration pipelines. Iterate features faster and deliver with increased agility.

Build Cloud Native

Next generation AWS managed services to support Cloud Native applications enabled by ‘API-first’ design, microservice architecture and automated infrastructure.

Security and Compliance

DevSecOps that redefines how operations, engineering and security can be brought together in harmony to deliver results in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and government.

Innovation is key

Disruptive plays are changing markets in weeks rather than years, so you need a partner that can keep you one step ahead, at all times.

Our customers are leaders in their respective fields, innovating and always challenging the status quo. This is why they come to us for AWS cloud solutions rather than losing time with ‘trial and error’ methods.

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We are the AWS Managed Services experts

Financial Services

Deep experience in the financial services industry
including numerous PCI-DSS solutions
delivered on AWS.

Local Government

Specialising in working with local government to
build out and manage next generation cloud
enabled online services.

BYO App / SaaS Providers

We are experts in web scale, high performance
application architecture, implementation
and operational management.

How Intelligent Operations as a Service Works

We work at the level your organisation needs.
From simple AWS environments and traditional architectures
through to enabling your development teams with a suite
of intelligent DevSecOps, Cost Optimisation and AWS services
to help them deliver faster results, 24/7.

We can help you start simple and grow capability.

intelligent operations bot three

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Release the bots!  Select from a range of functional
and industry specific bots, from automated capacity
management to PCI-DSS compliance.
Custom bots on request!


AWS Infrastructure as code
Application CI/CD
Blue/green deployment


Next Gen Management
24×7 Operations across availability,
performance and security
Self healing
Platform Analytics and insights


Cost Optimisation
Continual review of AWS costs
and tuning to ensure you can
effectively manage budgets and costs.


Continuous Enhancement
We keep you one step ahead by
keeping you abreast of the latest
cloud technologies and how they
can benefit your business.


Cloudy Design & Architecture
Ongoing advice and coaching on cloudy
application architecture including
Microservices, Serverless, API first,
web scale etc

All for a monthly fixed cost so you can easily budget for it.

We’re here to work with your
, not replace them.

If you’ve already invested in good people, then together we’ll be more effective – however no DevOps or AWS expertise is necessary to get started.

If you’re struggling to hire or retain great DevOps or AWS resources then our DevOps+ Managed Service may be the answer.  Generally our services start for less than the cost of a single resource.

With vast experience in AWS Cloud infrastructure and an extensive team of cloud development, security and operations specialists, our goal is to complement, improve and support your existing people and process where required.


Why Itoc?

"Our purpose is to address our customers’ biggest challenges and create new
opportunities through disruptive thinking and technologies."

Whether you’re a CEO looking to build a market leading service or a CTO who needs access to analytics,
reporting and platform-wide visibility, we can help you.

If cloud is core to your success but not core to your business,
then we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve got the experience to
ensure your success with Amazon Web Services

  • We’re a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
  • Awarded Customer Obsession Partner of the Year
    2015: ANZ Region
  • We also won the global Customer Obsession
    Leadership Partner 2015 award at AWS re:Invent
  • Founder of the Brisbane AWS User Group, with over
    1500 members
  • Current employer of an AWS Cloud Warrior
    (we’ve had four through our business so far)

Trusted by
leading organisations
across the world

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