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Optimisation and Licensing Assessment


What's included as part of the Assessment?

An OLA will provide you with a report that will model your deployment options, using existing licensing entitlements. These results can help you navigate and explore various cost saving migration methods.

An OLA can provide you with a clear “Like for Like” migration cost from On-Premises to Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as ongoing costs once the infrastructure has been modernised. The reports are often used for business proposals and cost analysis when investigating migrations to the cloud.


Your OLA questions answered

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How long does an OLA take?

Depending on the complexity of the assessment, reports can be generated in 48hrs or take up to two weeks. Total time for you to run this engagement is roughly two hours.

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How much does an OLA cost?

There is no cost for this to be executed; it's completely free and no-obligation.

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How can I find a specialist in these assessments?

Itoc specialises in these assessments. It's simple to reach out and get your engagement underway, just click the button below.

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