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Develop new delivery models

Cloud based foundations enable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and other as-a-service delivery models to be efficiently implemented, revolutionising many industries and increasing business value.

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Gain competitive advantage

Our highly experienced team of expert architects and engineers will explore how key emerging technologies can provide your business competitive advantage.

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Collaboration with the Cloud

As ecosystems become the default enterprise model in many industries, collaboration within the Cloud enables secure yet efficient platforms for partnerships to operate.

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Efficient use of data analytics

The generation and efficient usage of data increases in a cloud environment. This opens the door to even the smallest business to gain rich insights and competitive advantage through analysis of customer behaviour, process efficiencies, etc. 

Real Innovation

Ahead of the curve. Always.

Businesses are looking for ways to become more agile, differentiate and get ahead of their competition. When you partner with Itoc and AWS, your business can change the way you do business and become much more responsive to disruption. With AWS you can deliver as many as 3x the features and deploy software up to 90% faster, freeing up your team to focus on strategic innovation. 

At Itoc, we create a culture where assumptions are challenged, emerging tech is explored and disruption is embraced. Once your apps are operating in the Cloud, we can work with you to drive real innovation, by utilising AWS modern services to develop new products, rethink business models and reach customers in new ways. With our data services we help you unlock your data and enable business innovation.     

You're in good company.

  Trusted by more than 100 forward-thinking companies.

Driving innovation and security with a flexible architecture.

Judo Capital needed a highly secure and extensible infrastructure to support innovation and reduce development time. 


Infrastructure reliability

3 months

Time to launch AWS environment


Multi award winning AWS partner.

We're not just another technology company, the proof is in the way we work and the outcomes our customers achieve.   

Winner, 2021 AWS Consulting Partner of the Year Award

Trend Micro Cloud Native Partner of the Year 2021

AWS 100 Certified - Over 100 AWS Certifications

Multiple AWS Ambassadors on our team

AWS Community Builder on our team

Global Customer Obsession Leadership Partner

Founder of the Brisbane AWS User Group

How we get you there.

We work closely with your team to deliver a range of expert services to help you realise the full value of Cloud and DevOps. With our Cloud Acceleration Program, you can fast track your journey from a well-architected cloud environment through to digital innovation.  

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