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Does your business need 24/7 uptime? Need to know you can survive the unthinkable? Let us show you how.  

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Ensure business continuity with a DR plan

We implement a unique disaster recovery plan based on your business needs so that your mission-critical applications and data are highly reliable and always available. 

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Maximise uptime and performance

With a Well-Architected system with Itoc, we can use multiple solutions and enable different features for optimal and reliable performance.  

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Reduce TCO for DR

Traditional DR solutions can be costly with duplication of data required across sites. We can design a comprehensive DR solution that is cost effective and provisioned when disaster strikes. 

Instill customer confidence

Protecting sensitive customer data is critical for retaining your customers trust.  A highly available solution gives your customers confidence.

Always on

Ensuring business continuity.

It is critical to business operations to ensure always on, resilient cloud connectivity to avoid service disruptions. There is no doubt that disruptions to your cloud infrastructure and unpredictable events can have catastrophic consequences that impact your bottom line. Sometimes these events do occur, whether it is a natural disaster, malicious attack, outage or human error, and it pays to be prepared.

We provide scalable and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your mission-critical applications and data and to safeguard the continuity of your services. We have insurance and plans in place for everything from houses to pets, so why shouldn't we invest in a plan that protects data so critical to the survival of the business? A comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan can help you to sleep at night knowing you won't ever have to suffer from loss of access to data or to an application itself. And with Itoc’s Managed Services your team can focus on delivering great applications and services, while we look after the operational aspects. 

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Reduce infrastructure costs and support demand peaks.

When MYOB's existing hardware reached end-of-life, it made sense to migrate the service to AWS. Itoc worked with MYOB to migrate into AWS and utilise their AWS infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively. 


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Multi award winning AWS partner.

We're not just another technology company, the proof is in the way we work and the outcomes our customers achieve.    

Customer Obsession Partner of the Year 2015 (ANZ)

Global Customer Obsession Leadership Partner

Founder of the Brisbane AWS User Group

Verified AWS Cloud Ambassadors on our team

AWS 100 Certified

How we get you there.

We work closely with your team to deliver a range of expert services to help you realise the full value of Cloud and DevOps. With our Cloud Acceleration Program, you can fast track your journey to a well-architected cloud environment that is built to best practice.  

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