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New AWS Melbourne Region means big benefits for businesses

Written by Ben Doyle, Head of Data and Financial Services | Brisbane.

Posted February 10, 2023

There's been a lot of hype around AWS' new Melbourne region, and here's why.

For Australian organisations running workloads in AWS or looking to move their workloads to AWS, the Melbourne region is, rightly so, a huge deal - as the comprehensive coverage over the past week has alluded to.

Data sovereignty, a key part of many regulations, which mandates that business and user data can’t leave the country - backing up and running workloads in more than one Australian region has been challenging. 

With the launch of the second Australian region, businesses can now securely backup, process and generate this data across two local AWS regions - keeping things within their national borders. This allows them to leverage multi-region high availability, data security and even performance gains, with the location of services closer to their southern users, no matter how stringent the policies and regulations they need to adhere to are. 

For smaller organisations, having a second region closer to their users to start their businesses, ideas, and projects is key for early technical performance. It also allows them to move onwards to a second Australian region when they’re ready, giving their teams exposure and experience in multi-region deployment early, so they can leverage global AWS services as they expand in line with their user base.

Ben Doyle

Head of Data and Financial Services | Brisbane

Now open - AWS Melbourne Region

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