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Is Oracle or SQL Server database licensing costing your business?

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Posted August 8, 2017

Does your application use one of the well known, traditional database vendors such as Oracle or Microsoft? 

Are you and your customers looking at another six figure renewal in the next 6-12 months? You do have options! Amazon Web Services, the major player in the public cloud space, and has released Amazon Aurora Database, an enterprise grade cloud-native database solution which has been built from the ground up to meet your requirements and is redefining availability, service levels and data storage options for businesses around the world.

Amazon Aurora is a perfect fit for businesses from SME to Enterprise, offering enterprise grade functionality to the masses at 1/10th the cost of your traditional RDBMS solutions. When you look at your database solution, what do you want from it? 

  • Highly Secure 
  • High Performance 
  • Highly Scalable 
  • Highly Available and Durable (by default) 
  • Storage that scales with your data 
  • Fully Managed - Patching, Backups, Monitoring 

Amazon Aurora boasts both MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible variants. With battle tested performance improvements being realised by customers, positive independent reviews and AWS enabling you to do your own performance assessment against the database, why wouldn’t you consider it? 

But my database isn't MySQL or PostgreSQL?! 

Itoc can help you bridge that gap. There is a tremendous amount of perceived risk associated with migrating data of any form (e.g. database version upgrades), not to mention going from one database vendor to another. This stems from a fear of the unknown, lack of support and not having the necessary skills to see you through to the end state. 

At Itoc we fully appreciate these concerns, that's why we have developed a full end-to-end migration framework for the analysis, migration, testing and ongoing support of your database systems. 

Our process, built leveraging years of deep technical and business experience in the data management space, has a deep focus on de-risking your investment whilst still enabling your business to modernise, shed the weight of costly and prohibitive licensing arrangements and achieve a positive ROI. 

Itoc works with your team in iterative cycles with specific deliverables, geared towards delivering outcomes, upskilling your staff and enabling your application development team to integrate with Amazon Aurora moving forward. 

If your competitors aren't having to wear the licensing costs of your current database solution and the technical debt and inertia involved in traditional database systems, why should you? Imagine what your business could do with the extra cash and increased performance!

Is Oracle or SQL Server database licensing costing your business?

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