Comestri decouples monolithic application into containerised solution on AWS to reduce business risk, lower costs, and achieve independent scaling of components | Itoc

Comestri decouples monolithic application into containerised solution on AWS to reduce business risk, lower costs, and achieve independent scaling of components

Written by Matt Kerrison, Solution Architect.

Posted April 23, 2021

Comestri is the evolution of customer requirements that dates back to 2012. Initially born to help retailers extend product information to enhance descriptions, titles and imagery, Comestri has become a platform to harmonise master data into a single view, orchestrate information between systems and offer a unified product experience across multiple channels. The Comestri platform is used by businesses globally and empowers merchants to self-manage ecommerce inventories. The platform enables merchants to control how product information is fed to customer touchpoints.

The original Comestri platform was hosted with Engine Yard. With a vision to modernisation and the ability to scale individual components independently, Comestri was growing rapidly and seeking to containerise their solution. They also wanted to replace home-rolled Redis, Kafka and Elasticsearch with ElastiCache, MSK and Elasticsearch Service in addition to moving to ECS. A rising US dollar coupled with board desire to reduce costs and own the intellectual property surrounding their own solution led to working with Itoc Pty Ltd, an Advanced AWS partner. With a specialist ISV/SaaS focus and track record of successful migrations, the Comestri AWS Account manager had introduced Itoc as the ideal partner to support Comestri’s Migration and Modernisation program.

Itoc assisted Comestri in migrating from the third party vendor to hosting themselves on AWS. Owning their own solution with no long term contracts being involved would enable Comestri to pivot quickly to align with market needs. With a six month deadline until existing contract expiry, rapid and successful migration was essential to ensure continued growth and solution deployment to multiple new regions.

Itoc proposed a Cloud Foundation which is aligned to AWS’s Well Architected Framework. This framework spans the Five Pillars of Operational Excellence, Security, Performance Efficiency, Reliability and Cost Optimisation. Itoc provides a security traceability matrix to illustrate alignment to each of the controls in those certifications. The solution provides the foundation for building any workload in AWS. Itoc implemented a repeatable infrastructure as code solution that enabled Microlistics to deploy the same solution across various customer environments. The Itoc Cloud Foundation solution is aligned to some of the most stringent compliance certifications in industry, including ISO27001, ISO27017, PCI-DSS, IRAP and GDPR. Itoc’s Cloud Foundation was delivered in less than a month from first consultation. Itoc assisted with migration into AWS, with a CloudOps offering to support Comestri moving ownership from a third party to a managed platform they owned.

“Partnering with Itoc and migrating to AWS was the best approach for taking control of our own solution intellectual property and architecture to reduce business risk and costs and independently scale components alined with individual customer needs.” 

Craig Bennett, Chief Technology Officer


By migrating the Comestri platform from a third party to their own Amazon infrastructure, Comestri now have full ownership with the support of CloudOps. The migration and containerisation have helped reduce the risk of reliance on a third party vendor and delivered the ability to control and drive down business costs. The new containerised architecture delivered solution elasticity through the ability to independently scale individual components in line with customer needs. 

Looking to the future Comestri and Itoc are continuing their successful partnership to drive a global rollout strategy and modernise Comestri's IT architecture to enable continued industry innovation.

Matt Kerrison

Solution Architect