Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services We work with your development, testing and product experts to provide a leading, managed SysOps or DevOps environment Benefits Increase agility, speed to market and quality- through automation Focus on your core business and let us take care of the heavy lifting Take advantage of our scale and expertise to differentiate your read more
AWS Cost Optimisation
AWS Cost Optimisation Provides AWS customers a comprehensive review of AWS cost hotspots and execution of a detailed Cost Optimisation Plan to reduce and control costs moving forward. Proven cost optimisation methodology Stage 1: Bill Analysis & Triage Stage 2: Resource Clean-up Stage 3: Tagging Strategy Stage 4: Operating Hours Stage 5: Standards & Procedures read more
Cloud Transformation
Cloud Transformation Cloud is not only a technical refresh or systems upgrade, it is a fundamentally new approach to the business, people and technical domains involved in delivering cloud Transformation Services provide consultancy and engineering services to help organisations define and adopt Agile and DevOps Delivering Increased agility and speed to market Higher quality Lower read more
Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration Provides scalable cloud migration services from one application to hundreds of applications. Web portal/corporate websites, SaaS applications, Sharepoint, ERP, Oracle, SQL, MYSQL databases are typical examples. For multiple workload migrations a comprehensive, integrated Program level approach shall be provided in all aspects through architecture, implementation and transition. This extra complexity is not reflected read more
Cloud Enablement
Cloud Enablement Pragmatic analysis, design and implementation of a cost effective, agile, secure “starting point” AWS Cloud capability based on ITOC / AWS best practice. Delivers a tailored high level blue print covering key tenants of operating in the cloud. Deploys / migrates a first workload – normally something straight forward and low risk e.g. read more
Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept Allows a customer to explore AWS capability and functionality with defined goals, objectives and agreed next steps. Normally 2-8 weeks in duration and has predefined next steps e.g. purchase based on a successful outcome. We always keep it simple and readily achievable. Depending on the opportunity value there are a number of read more
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